Tovid Wiki

If you like tovid, please show your appreciation by giving something back to the community that developed it. Some of the ways you can contribute are listed below.


This is the easiest way to contribute, involving no long-term commitment, no obligation, and no responsibility for anything! Bug reports, success stories, ideas and criticisms are all welcome. Get in touch with other tovid users and developers, to brainstorm or shoot the breeze.


If you have any coding experience (or would like to start learning), you're encouraged to hack the tovid code, and share your improvements with others. Open-source software flourishes when many people study and tinker with the source code.

To work on the tovid code directly, you may become a tovid developer. Here's how:

  • Participate a little bit first. The only requirement for being a tovid developer is a demonstrated interest, so stop by the IRC channel or discussion group and make your interest known.
  • Get a GMail account if you don't already have one; tell wapcaplet your GMail username, and ask him to make you a developer.


The tovid wiki (which you are currently reading) has lots of room for growth and improvement. Wikis are a great way to publish, exchange, and revise ideas; they're also perfect for FAQs, HOWTOs, and other community-authored documents. You are strongly encouraged to edit the wiki to improve existing articles or start new ones.


There are so many packaging formats (.rpm, .deb, and .ebuild to name a few), the tovid project could really use a packaging specialist--someone who could be responsible for keeping the various packages in sync with the most recent source distribution of tovid. If you are such a person, we'd love to hear from you!

If you are just interested in maintaining a tovid package for your favorite distribution, see Become a packager, and add yourself to the List of packagers.