Tovid Wiki

Single video file with multiple, specific chapters

Specifying chapters when you are making your DVD will allow your DVD player to seek to the next chapter using its remote. You can also pass '-submenus ' (static thumbs) or ' -ani-submenus ' (animated thumbs) to ' tovid disc ', so you will get a submenu for each video with a thumb or animation starting at each chapter point you have specified.

There are several ways to edit chapter points with a GUI with tovid. 'tovid chapters' will run mplayer and allowing seeking and setting chapter points with the push of a button, to be saved when you are done in a string suitable for passing to todisc (' tovid disc '). Or, if you already plan to use the tovid GUI (' tovid gui '), then the chapters widget on the opening tab integrates this into the larger GUI.

Okay, on to an example: Assuming you have an mpg file, dvd_movie.mpg, ready for attaching a menu. You have played the movie and noted the times where you want chapters.

The five chapters will be at:

  • 00:00
  • 8 minutes, 5 seconds
  • 27 minutes, 47 seconds
  • 46 minutes, 58 seconds
  • 1 hour, 4 minutes, 3 seconds

To pass these to todisc (' tovid disc ') you use HH:MM:SS format, with a comma between each chapter point:

  • tovid disc -chapters 00:00:00,00:08:05,00:27:47,00:46:58,01:04:03

You can also have todisc automatically calculate chapters based on the number you would like by using an integer rather than HH:MM:SS format, so chapters 6 will make 6 chapters starting with 00:00:00, each 1/6 of the video.

Multiple videos, each with different chapters

For multiple videos supply the arguments as a space separated list, one string for each video. In the examples below, we have 3 videos.

  • tovid disc -chapters "00:00:00,00:08:05,00:27:47,01:04:03" \
"00:00:00,00:04:34,00:11:23.341,00:24:15:56,00:35:23,00:46:13" \

(quotes added for readability only)

Or for automatic chapter points with multiple videos:

  • tovid disc -chapters 4 6 5