Forums: Index Help desk How can I uninstall Tovid - sorry but I cannot make it work

Hi, I have installed Tovid in a recent version of ubuntu. Unfortunately it does not seem to work for me. After completing the encoding I press the "burn" button and it gives me a warning to say that this is untested. It then fails. I guess that I may have done something wrong along the line, but I do not hve the knopwledge or understanding to know what. So I have given up. I have a tidy mind, and do not like to have unused programs on my machine. But I cannot find any way of uninstalling it. The "add/remove program" does not show it, nor does Synaptic Package Manager. I have seen an answer that says:

"run make uninstall from the original installation directory (~/Downloads/tovid-0.31) as root"

but to be honest this may as well be in ancient greek to me.

Can someone point me to a simple explanation?

Thanks for reading this