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i created a static textmenu dvd using todisc (tovid version 0.31) but i cannot get the bgaudio to loop.

here is my script: todisc -static -text-menu 7 -menu-length 310 -menu-audio-fade 0 -chain-videos -loop -playall -noask \

 -menu-fontsize 36 \
 -thumb-fontsize 24 \
 -title-colour white \
 -thumb-text-colour white \
 -stroke-colour none \
 -select-colour yellow \
 -text-mist-colour grey \
 -thumb-mist-colour grey \
 -files EOY_PK000.mpeg EOY_PK001.mpeg EOY_PK002.mpeg EOY_PK003.mpeg EOY_PK004.mpeg EOY_PK005.mpeg EOY_PK006.mpeg EOY_PK007.mpeg EOY_PK008.mpeg EOY_PK009.mpeg EOY_PK010.mpeg EOY_PK011.mpeg \
 -menu-title "2009 End of the Year\nPreKindergarten Program" \
 -titles "Welcome" "Welcome by the Children" "Class Presentation" "It's a Small World" "Hay Un Amigo En Mi" "Obama Song" "Ready for Kindergarten" "Farewell" "If I Could Dream" "If I Could Dream (repeat)" "Stage Exit" "The Magician" \
 -background schoolbus.png \
 -bgaudio Ready_for_Kinder.wav \
 -out MY_DVD14

what can i do to get the bgaudio to loop indefinitely?

Answer: It looks like you are using tovid-0.31. It is suggested that you upgrade to current tovid which right now is tovid-0.33. In any case you have not supplied an argument to "-loop" which in your case should be "-loop 0". In a more recent version you would have gotten an error message about that, "-loop" without arguments is only for a GUI workaround and is not to be used on the command line: it passes "-loop inf" which means indefinite pause. Also, please use the official forum for questions/comments, not this help desk page which is not really used.

thanks, grepper