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I installed tovid and todiscgui because todiscgui makes some nice menu's but it does not work at all just wondering if anyone could tell me what i am doing wrong it doesn't give me any errors,I also tried using tovidgui but after 3 hours it still wasn't done i'm using ubuntu 9.10 thanks

Hello, I too have had the same problem on Ubuntu 9.10, the way I got it to work was compile the svn version of tovid. SVN still would not run from the GUI but they have the option to save an executable script which will work.

Hi, Thanks for the answer

But how do i save the executable script and use it?


Sorry, this forum is not really used. Please use the official forum. Short answer is that it is difficult to answer this question without any information. The way to get output from a GUI program you are having problems with is to run it from a terminal, which with current svn would be 'tovid gui' or older versions 'todiscgui'. To save the script you use the 'Save script' button, and to use it you can issue:

bash /path/to/todisc_commands.bash

or whatever you called the saved script.