Tovid Wiki

This page provides instructions for building and installing tovid on Slackware.


You should first install all tovid dependencies, to prevent potential problems. If you'd like to build your own Slackware package, follow the instructions below.

From an official release[]

Download the latest slack build and the latest tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz. Unpack tovid.tar.gz:

 $ tar zxvf tovid.tar.gz

Move the the tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz to this directory and cd into the new directory.

 $ mv ../tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz tovid/ && cd tovid/

Change the version number in the SlackBuild:

 $ sed -i 's/0.34/0.35.0/' tovid.SlackBuild

Run the SlackBuild:

$ su -c "sh tovid.SlackBuild"

Once it's done, the output will tell you where the new package is saved. (/tmp)

Install the package:

$ su -c "installpkg /tmp/tovid-<version>-<arch>-<build>.tgz"

Note: If you want to install another version than what is available, just edit the SlackBuild so that the VERSION= string points to the right tovid version.