This page provides instructions for building and installing tovid on Slackware.

Building[edit | edit source]

You should first install all tovid dependencies, to prevent potential problems. If you'd like to build your own Slackware package, follow the instructions below.

From an official release[edit | edit source]

Download the latest slack build and the latest tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz. Unpack tovid.tar.gz:

 $ tar zxvf tovid.tar.gz

Move the the tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz to this directory and cd into the new directory.

 $ mv ../tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz tovid/ && cd tovid/

Change the version number in the SlackBuild:

 $ sed -i 's/0.34/0.35.0/' tovid.SlackBuild

Run the SlackBuild:

$ su -c "sh tovid.SlackBuild"

Once it's done, the output will tell you where the new package is saved. (/tmp)

Install the package:

$ su -c "installpkg /tmp/tovid-<version>-<arch>-<build>.tgz"

Note: If you want to install another version than what is available, just edit the SlackBuild so that the VERSION= string points to the right tovid version.

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