Tovid Wiki

This page provides download links and instructions for installing tovid.

Use the source[]

For platform-independent installation, you can use the source .tar.gz. First install all tovid dependencies, to prevent potential problems.

Next, download tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz. This tarball contains everything you need to run tovid and the GUI. Save this somewhere on your computer (for now, we'll assume it's saved in ~/Downloads/).

To extract the tarball, open a terminal window (such as XTerm, RXVT, or Konsole) and type the following commands, substituting for ~/Downloads the path where you saved the .tar.gz:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ tar -xzvf tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz
$ cd tovid-0.35.2
$ ./ build


$ sudo ./ install
$ su -c './ install'

depending on your distribution (Ubuntuers should use sudo). You will be prompted for the root password to install tovid system-wide. If you want a prefix other than /usr/local , add --prefix=/opt to the above command (for example).

If you decide you don't want tovid installed anymore, run:

$ sudo ./ uninstall
$ su -c './ uninstall'

from the original installation directory (~/Downloads/tovid-0.35.2) as root.


If you want to get the latest code directly from the development repository, you will need to install git and txt2tags first. Assuming you want to put the tovid installer in ~/Downloads:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ git clone
$ cd tovid
$ ./ build
$ ./ build_docs
$ ./ build_tovid_init

Note: do not use --depth 1 as part of your "git clone" command or with not be able to determine a version string.

then, as before:

$ sudo ./ install
$ su -c './ install'

You should now have the latest version installed (bugs and all!) You can keep in sync with updates by doing:

$ cd ~/Downloads/tovid
$ git pull

followed by a re-install (sudo ./ install). See the Official Git Tutorial for more about dealing with git.

Check out the Development plans and talk page.

Platform-specific instructions[]

Updated April 14 2015

There are a number of new instructions for tovid-0.35.2 for various distributions below. As well, outdated packages and links have been removed. If your distro is not included there, it is recommended that you use git or the source tarball instead of an outdated package from your distribution.

If you have created a tovid package, please become a packager and add links/instructions above.