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This is a list of tovid users. Add yourself to the list (or log in first and add your wiki username here). Also, check out the Frappr map, showing tovid users worldwide. Please add yourself there too!


  • wapcaplet, aka Eric Pierce, in Colorado Springs, USA
  • Mac North, or Joe Friedrichsen, in Yaizu, Japan
  • grepper aka Robert Sohn, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • cfh_dev aka Carl Hall in Atlanta, GA, USA
  • SpEnTBoY, aka Lonny Selinger in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


  • Kassah in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • hajvan aka Haris Sehic in Schwabach, Bavaria, Germany
  • nait, in Singapore.
  • jackson, in Massachusetts, USA
  • Robmelb, in Melbourne, Australia


This is a list of people who have maintained distribution-specific packages of tovid in the past. None of them are currently active, though many distro specific packages are available. See Become a packager if you are interested in creating or maintaining such packages, and add yourself to the list below.


  • Oliver Carle <slackware [at] videotron [dot] ca>


  • Julien Valroff <julien [at] kirya [dot] net>

Fedora Core[]

  • Matthias Haase <matthias_haase [at] bennewitz [dot] com>


  • Tim Edwards <tkedwards [at] fastmail [dot] com [dot] au>