This page is deprecated. This script is not included in tovid as of version 0.33.

pymakexml generates XML output describing an (S)VCD or DVD file structure and navigation hierarchy in the format expected by dvdauthor or vcdxbuild.



For example:

$ pymakexml \
    -menu MainMenu.mpg \
    Season1.mpg Season2.mpg Featurettes.mpg \
    -out MyDisc

Output is written to OUTFILE (the .xml extension is optional).


-dvd (default)
Generate the XML for a DVD disc, to be used with dvdauthor or makedvd.
Generate the XML for a VCD disc, to be used with vcdxbuild or makevcd.
Generate the XML for an SVCD disc, to be used with vcdxbuild or makevcd.
Overwrite any existing output files.

VIDEOS may be any of the following:

<file list>
List of one or more video files to include, separated by spaces. At minimum, a DVD must have one video file. You can use shell wildcards (i.e., "*.mpg") to include multiple files easily. Put filenames in quotes if they have spaces in them.
-menu VIDEO <file list>
Use video file VIDEO as a menu from which you can jump to each of the listed video files. If you have multiple menus, include a top menu so they are reachable.
-topmenu VIDEO [-menu VIDEO <file list>] [-menu VIDEO <file list>]...
Use video file VIDEO for the top-level menu. The top menu will jump to each of the subsequent [-menu...] videos listed. Use this only if you have multiple sub-menus to jump to. You can only have one top menu.
-chapters HH:MM:SS[,HH:MM:SS]...
Insert the given chapter points in the preceding video. See examples below.

Usage notes Edit

Menu .mpg files need to have the specified number of buttons for reaching each of the videos, and, if you're using DVD, should be multiplexed with their corresponding subtitles using spumux of the dvdauthor 0.6.0 package prior to authoring using dvdauthor. If you use the makemenu script to generate the menu, this should all be handled for you.

Examples Edit

The most basic usage is to specify several videos that will play in sequence:

$ pymakexml \
    video1.mpg video2.mpg video3.mpg \
    -out mydisc

To include a menu that links to each video file, use the -menu option:

$ pymakexml \
    -menu menu1.mpg \
    video1.mpg video2.mpg video3.mpg \
    -out mydisc2

To create a hierarchy of menus, with a top menu that links to submenus, use the -topmenu option:

$ pymakexml \
    -topmenu topmenu.mpg \
    -menu submenu1.mpg vid1.mpg vid2.mpg vid3.mpg \
    -menu submenu2.mpg vid4.mpg vid5.mpg vid6.mpg \
    -out mydisc3

To specify chapter points in a video, follow it with the -chapters option. You may do this for each video:

$ pymakexml \
    -menu menu1.mpg \
    video1.mpg -chapters 1:00,5:00,10:00 \
    video2.mpg -chapters 3:00,8:00,15:00 \
    -out mydisc4

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