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The tovid script supports a wide range of input formats--but how wide? Nobody knows for sure. This article shall be used for listing compatibility information on as many different audio and video codecs as possible. See the forum thread for background information.

Please help by adding your own statistics below!

What codec is it?[]

Most media files you're likely to deal with have two different codecs, one each for the audio and video tracks. tovid tells you what codecs your input video uses:

Analysis of file /pub/video/test/hair.avi:
  872 x 650 pixels, 10.000 fps
  Duration (best guess): 00:04:49 (HH:MM:SS)
  DIVX video with mp2 audio

Here, it's the DIVX video codec, and the mp2 audio codec. Look for your codecs in the tables below, or add them if they don't already exist. If tovid gives you a playable, watchable video, add a vote to the "Worked" column for both codecs. You can add one vote for each video you've encoded with tovid.

(Feel free to pillage from your ~/.tovid/stats.tovid file, as long as you remember which ones worked or didn't ;-)

Video codecs[]

Codec Worked Didn't work Comment
DX50 4 0
DIV3 3 1 failed to do anything, the program trying to convert DIV3 and AC3 was unable to encode to the command line tag -vcd which gives .mpg. A finished file size of 0 bytes was outputted as successful with no errors shown. When run to -dvd It worked properly. but the audio track was missing, odd considering dvd uses AC3 audio. +- Div3, --AC3
dvsd 1 0
XVID 6 0
MJPG 17 0
avc1 2 0
asv1 1 0
asv2 1 0
dvvideo 1 0
flv 2 0
h263p 1 0
h264 2 0
mpeg1video 1 0
mpeg2video 1 0
mpeg4 1 0
msmpeg4 1 0
msmpeg4v2 1 0
rawvideo 1 0
svq1 1 0
wmv1 1 0
wmv2 1 0
Raw 0 1 Identified as "0x00000000" codec
WMV9 1 1 Variable framerate ("1000 fps"), worked fine using the -ffmpeg switch
WMV3 0 1 Variable framerate ("1000 fps")
cvid 0 1
mts 1 0 Needed to specify -fps 25:1 to force it to change, my Panasonic camera doubles from 25 to 50 fps!

Audio codecs[]

Codec Worked Didn't work Comment
mad 2 0
mp3 6 1
mp2 1 0
ac3 3 2 see DIV3 for explanation
pcm 2 1
faad 1 1
ffwmav2 0 1
ulaw 15 0