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metagui TODO[]

What still needs to be done in metagui to make it work with more than just tovid?

  • Better support for --long options. If these take arguments, they usually are preceded by an =, as in --option=arg1,arg2,arg3
  • Better support for -x short options, which often may be combined; that is, instead of -x -y -z, the program may accept -xyz
  • If possible, support both short and long in the same Control, i.e. -f|--foobar
  • Better (explicit) support for positional arguments. Many programs depend on this.
  • Support for backwards flags, like ImageMagick's '+' prefix for disabling things
  • Support command-name-based programs, like bzr, svn, apt-get, and tovid itself

Programs to consider using as proof of concepts:

  • zip, tar: positional arguments, multiple filenames/directories
  • find
  • ps: choices that could come from sub-commands (pid, user, tty etc.)