This page is deprecated. This script is not included in tovid as of version 0.33.

tovid-stats reads encoding statistics from ~/.tovid/stats.tovid and can display filtered, averaged, correlated or summarized information about all the videos you've encoded with tovid. It can also display a 2D graphical scatterplot of data from any two statistic fields.


tovid-stats COMMANDS

Where COMMANDS is a list of data-filtering commands that operate on specific FIELD names (see below for FIELD names). Available COMMANDS:

-count FIELD
Count total occurrences of unique values in the given field.
-average FIELD_1 {by FIELD_2}.
Print average values from FIELD_1 (must be a numerical field). If the by clause is included, group averages by distinct values in FIELD_2.
-list FIELD_1 by FIELD_2
List all values of FIELD_1, grouped by distinct values in FIELD_2.
-plot FIELD_1 by FIELD_2
Like -list, but display a graphical scatterplot of the results. FIELD_1 must be a numerical field.
Only display records where FIELD has the given VALUE. This option may be used to filter the results of subsequent commands.
-show 'FIELD [FIELD]...'
Display the given fields for all records.


The ~/.tovid/stats.tovid file has accumulated a lot of fields containing data originally intended only for developers. Some fields aren't very useful, or are cryptically named, but here's the complete list anyway:

  • tovid_version
  • final_name
  • length
  • format
  • tvsys
  • final_size
  • tgt_bitrate
  • avg_bitrate
  • peak_bitrate
  • gop_minsize
  • gop_maxsize
  • encoding_time
  • cpu_model
  • cpu_speed
  • in_vcodec
  • in_acodec
  • encoding_mode
  • in_md5
  • in_width
  • in_height
  • quant
  • kbpm
  • enc_time_ratio
  • backend


See how many times you've used each version of tovid:

$ tovid-stats -count tovid_version

To see a scatterplot of bitrates needed by each format:

$ tovid-stats -plot avg_bitrate by format

To filter results, use the -match option. For example, to show the filename and output size of all SVCD-format encodings, do:

$ tovid-stats -match format svcd \
    -show 'final_name final_size'

Use multiple -match options to filter further, i.e.:

$ tovid-stats -match format dvd \
    -match tvsys pal [-show etc.]

The tovid manpages can now be viewed online at

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