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This is the official FAQ for tovid. You are encouraged to read this before posting any questions in the tovid forum. For troubleshooting, please see common tovid problems.

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Encoding speed[]

Q. How long does it take to encode a video, and why is it so slow?

A. The default encoding method (using mplayer/mpeg2enc for video) is a fairly slow process. For DVD quality video, on an Athlon 1600 XP, encoding takes 4-5 times the length of the video (8-10 hours to encode a 2-hour movie).

Took 01:15:06 to encode a 01:44:56 video on Intel Celeron CPU 2.53GHz using ffmpeg.

(Table of encoding times needed for VCD/SVCD/DVD, for different CPU speeds--please help write one!)

tovid also supports ffmpeg encoding (see the '-ffmpeg' option in the tovid manual), which is much faster (only 1-2 hours per hour of video), but you may have trouble authoring the resulting MPEG, due to ffmpeg and/or dvdauthor limitations.

Available fonts[]

Q. What fonts can I use in tovid? (or, why do I have so few fonts to choose from when making menus from the GUI)

A. The argument given to '-font' must be one of the fonts listed by the command 'convert -list font'. Many of your installed fonts may not be available; if you want to maximize the number of fonts available to makemenu, download and run Anthony Thyssen's script and run it like this:

$ > ~/.magick/type.xml

If that doesn't work, try:

$ > ~/.magick/type.mgk