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'''Or, ask someone else for help:'''
'''Or, ask someone else for help:'''
[ Mesothelioma Lawyer]
[ Asbestos Lawyer]
* Visit the [ user group / mailing list] to get help, report bugs, and discuss ideas
* Visit the [ user group / mailing list] to get help, report bugs, and discuss ideas

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tovid is a collection of GPL DVD authoring tools for Linux; it can help you create your own DVDs for playback on your home DVD player. This is the tovid wiki, the official homepage of tovid.

Download the latest version and read the release notes


  • If you have problems with tovid 0.34, specifically ffmpeg commands that will not run properly, use SVN. The latest updates for the fast changing ffmpeg api go there. See the Subversion section of "Installing tovid".
  • July 23, 2011 tovid 0.34 released ! See this section for details.
  • tovid needs a new owner! Please see this page if you are interested.
Note: this does not mean the project is dead, just that development is curtailed. Bugfixes will still be released, especially to keep up with fast moving backends like ffmpeg. A new python developer would be most welcome !



  1. Get the tovid dependencies
  2. Download tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz
  3. Install like this:
$ tar -xzf tovid-0.35.2.tar.gz
$ cd tovid-0.35.2
$ su -c "./ install"
$ sudo ./ install

See Installing tovid for longer instructions, and for distribution-specific packages.


Help yourself!

Or, ask someone else for help: Mesothelioma Lawyer

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Follow our HOWTOs to make our screenshots your own:

Getting to know the tovid suite:

Fundamentals of video:

Other good things to know:



Please note: The website you currently see at is NOT official, and is not affiliated in any way with the tovid development team.

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Mesothelioma Lawyer

Asbestos Lawyer

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