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The following changes are in the upcoming release of tovid: version 0.35. To take advantage of these features now get it here.

For current development goals, see the development plans.

tovid 0.35[]

Just released

See the full changelogs here


  • Support for avconv from (FFmpeg fork).
  • Removed mencoder dependency, and transcode is now optional, as ffmpeg will be used instead for seeking.
  • Added Python 3 support (support for python 2.4/2.5 dropped from titleset-wizard).
  • Add -encode-only option so that the tovid gui can also be used as an encoding only GUI. This allows 'batch' encoding by selecting multiple files.
  • Fix for ffmpeg bug (some versions) when generating silence from /dev/zero.
  • GUI now supports vertical resolution of 600 pixels (some laptops/netbooks)
  • movied libcairo stuff to its own branch so it is no longer a suggested dependancy.
  • GUI no longer chokes on loading some problematic options - it will ignore them and popup a copyable message showing the options in question.
  • GUI and titleset-wizard positions now synced so the GUI loads in place of the wizard and vice versa.
  • More consistent menu title and video titles style behavior.
  • Added *-font-deco (-title-font-deco and -titles-font-deco), to support all former "makemenu" options.
  • Cleanup of alignment of text and images, so there are fewer surprises.
  • Decreased verbosity of screen output.
  • Fix for broken showcase image display when doing -static faded menus.
  • Updated -quick-menu so it works with recent ffmpeg versions.
  • Fix for recent ffmpeg not parsing 'ffmpeg -h' fully. (caused bug in -loop 0 vs. -loop_input for slideshows)
  • Many other bug fixes and updates for changed backend options (notably ffmpeg).