Tovid Wiki

This is a list of things in tovid needing attention by developers. This is your chance to request features, or bring attention to anything tovid may be lacking.

This page is being phased out in favor of the tovid issues tracker.


  • Confirm/add support for mkv and ogm containers
  • Add option to dub audio onto silent video source. NOTE: this can be done using tovid mpg -mplayeropts "-audiofile <filename>" (or: tovid disc -mplayeropts "audiofile <filename>", if doing encoding and making a dvd at the same time)
  • Allow disc projects to span more than one disc
  • 16:9 menus
  • Allow rotating the source video (for digital photocamera .movs)


  • Verify the tools tovid uses. big case in point: finicky spumux'es that can't really handle png for dvd menus. maybe at configure time?
  • Write unit tests for all tovid Python modules (libtovid)
  • Add illegal character checks for dvdauthor and other tools.

Note: illegal character checks have been added to the todisc script (tovid disc).


  • Quick & Easy dvd - How about this?. Have a simple and easy drag/drop/burn general user interface, which we may use 90% of the time. A 2nd tab for advanced users that can have everything under the sun. - .nait.

Note: in svn tovid you can make a fully functional DVD from just the main page of the GUI. The other tabs contain more advanced options. The main page also allows you to make a quick DVD without a menu.

  • Subtitle support
  • A preview for the DVD menus.

Note: this is already part of the todisc (' tovid disc ') script

  • Ability to save and load the information for a disc before going to encoding. I've had things go wrong and redoing all that on discs with many titles and menus and options gets tiring.

Note: The gui now has a "Save script" button, which in effect allows you to save a project, and then run the project from the bash command line after editing the text file.