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  Joe Friedrichsen

I'm finding that templates are very nice. Not only are they good for their intended purpose (adding boilerplate messages, like license info to image pages), they can help with applying style to structural markup, and variable-izing version numbers! (View the wiki-source of those pages to see what I mean) - Wapcaplet 19:24, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

Tovid problems[]

I appreciate your contribution in writing Tovid, etc. It looks like Ubuntu 9.10 and Todisc don't like each other very well. The directory has makexml in it but one cannolt bring it up by a simple "makexml" call. It requires a full path to call it. The same for makedvd. I had no luck trying to use the GUI version and perhaps it was not my ineptitude but a similar problem.Any advice? Thanks. Dan Devor