Tovid Wiki

This page is under contruction (2011-08-20)

Originally this page listed the steps you can take to make a DVD, using the older (now deprecated) scripts like makexml individually. Now I will outline a simpler way. The script we will be using is called todisc (' tovid disc ') and it can optionally call makempg (' tovid mpg ') and makedvd (' tovid dvd ') so that you can encode, make optional menus, make a DVD structure, and burn, all in a "one-liner".

Quick start[]

For the example I will use 3 files: monkey.flv, betty.flv, and podsafe.flv. The following command will encode the files to mpg, create a simple static text menu, create the DVD structure for the project, and prompt you to burn afterwards.

tovid disc \
-files monkey.flv betty.flv podsafe.flv \
-titles 'Code Monkey' 'Betty and Me' 'A Podsafe Christmas' \
-menu-title "Spiffworld videos" \
-textmenu \
-burn \
-out mydvd

The above command will also accept options for makempg so you could include -quality, -pal, and a host of other possibilities. You can also add -device, and -speed for makedvd. And of course todisc itself has a boatload of fine tuning options for menus as well. But the idea of this quick start section was to keep it simple ...

Using separate commands[]

Of course you don't have to use a "one-liner". Perhaps you have a custom option for each encode (at present makempg commands passed to todisc apply to all videos on the command line) Or perhaps you would like to burn at a later time, but would like to get as far as creating the DVD structure and testing it out. So in this section, a quick overview of the commands.

To be continued ...